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Product Lineup

A mattress with added legs and ideas! matlegシリーズ matlegシリーズ[マットレグ]:

MATLEG is a legged mattress.This is a series with free ideas and choices.

マットレグシリーズ MTL-001 テトリス
MTL-001: TETRIS【テトリス】
It is quite difficult to find a good design mattress and also difficult to find a nice color.
TETRIS has a simple legs which offers you a wide variety of color choice and good design which will be match with your room.
マットレグシリーズ MTL-002 セクション
MTL-002: SECUSHION【セクション】
The SECUSHION brand is very well-known in JAPAN because it is made of brushed fabric which is soft and gentle.
Among the Japanese people, they even can use the SECUSHION bed as a back cushion optimal which has an angle to sit on the floor.
マットレグシリーズ MTL-003 マットレグベーシック
MTL-003: matleg BASIC【マットレグベーシック】
The BASIC brand is a simple basic mattress with a quilt bed cover and legs.
Everybody can choose his own color and also can shoos the leg sizes.
We provide you the several colors with several leg sizes which it will help to coordinate your room.
With our BASIC mattress which has a good quality of spring coils and bed flames, you can seep tight and feel more comfortable.