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About KOKI Mattresses

A principle derived from 150,000 mattresses per year and 25 years of results.

Non-coil type mattresses using special foam have recently become popular.
However, we believe that spring coils are the best for providing long-term support for heavy bodies with as little resistance as possible.

We have been manufacturing these spring coil mattresses for 25 years.
We currently manufacture and ship approximately 150,000 mattresses annually, and we believe that this is proof of customer recognition.

KOKI mattress coils

KOKI INTERNATIONAL uses two main types of spring coils.

1) Bonnell coil type. This is the most popular type whereby steel wires are coiled and one hundred coils are connected using thin steel connecting wires to form the mattress unit shape.
Coil characteristics include each coil precisely conforming to the contours of the body to provide support.
Furthermore, coils are connected by steel connecting wires which provide a supportive surface for the body.
This produces the spring effect of minimizing resistance against the body and durability is also increased due to a reduced load on individual springs.
Also, because coils are finished with steel wires, an approximate height of 12 to 15 cm in the mattress interior is hollow which allows good airflow and superior quick-drying properties.

2) Pocket coil type This unit is comprised of coiled steel wires which are each individually placed into non-woven bags. One hundred of these coils are minimally connected using special adhesive.
Unlike the Bonnell coil type, because coils are not directly connected, individual coil reaction range to the body increases, and more support is provided for the body's fine contours and subtle movements.
This creates an straight sleeping position.
Furthermore, because independent coils reduce interference and conveyance of vibrations, comfortable use is possible for two people (double-sized bed).

KOKI INTERNATIONAL original mattress tuning

KOKI INTERNATIONAL selects fillings to suite the spring coils based on the two types of coil units, Bonnell and pocket coil types.
This adjustment is a KOKI INTERNATIONAL original high-comfort mattress manufacturing secret.

Coils are finished with steel wires and being able to feel these wires while sleeping is obviously unacceptable.
Therefore, palm pads (coconut shell fiber material) and felt are used to eliminate the sensation of steel wires and materials with good absorbency and quick-drying properties are selected.
High-density and low-resilience foam as well as latex are used near the surface section to improve texture and comfort.

This is achieved with the imagine of the body being gently wrapped by the surface material. The base coil unit also uses subtle reactions to provide complete support. These are KOKI mattresses and the image of products which we would like to provide to customers

Also, with selection of surface material, thick material is used for a firm mattress and soft fabric such as nap-raised fabric is used for low-resilience and latex mattresses so that performance and material characteristics are brought out.